I think the thing that I like best about the artist
community is that we are always searching for 
beauty in our day to day lives. Continually on 
the hunt for the miracle in the mundane, we are
the ones who drive a second time around the 
block just to glimpse again the way the sun slants through the trees or 
how a crocus pokes through the snow.

My fascination with all things art began with my first box of crayons and 
led to a successful fifteen year career in advertising. Finding that this 
job did not mix well with a new family, I sold my company and set about 
the business of raising children. As a diversion, I took some watercolor
classes from a local artist. It was at the first class that I realized two things-        
 that I was in love with the beautiful veils of color that was watercolor, and 
that this teacher had my dream job! 

From that point on I began a serious course of self study, including
reading books, attending workshops and classes and practice until , after
a few years, I was finally skilled enough to teach classes myself. That was
fifteen years ago, and I have never regretted my second career choice. 


 "If you knew that you were about to be struck blind...you would use your eyes as never before.
 Everything you saw would become dear to you. Then at last you would really see, and a whole world of beauty would open itself before you."

Helen Keller