"Do you have to be born with a natural talent to paint well?" This is a question which I hear often.

After teaching watercolor painting for almost fifteen years, I can say with confidence that one does not have to be born with anything more than an interest in art to become an artist. A talent is nothing more than a skill which has been developed through education and practice. So, yes, anyone can "learn to be talented!"

All of my classes utilize a step by step paint-along method
which beginners find fun and easy to follow. More advanced
students have the flexibility to expand upon the ideas given 
and develop their own style.

The classes include solid instruction on composition, color mixing and various techniques blended with enthiusiasm, gentle critique and a few laughs!

Class sizes are limited to allow for individual attention. All needed materials are included in the fees shown.     

So please take a moment to look over the classes offered... I look forward to helping you  "learn to be talented!"

 Beth Parys